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House Cleaning – Child’s Play

House Cleaning with your Kids

Great wisdom and inspiration can come from looking through your children’s eyes. What you see as housework, they see as play, adventure, even magic!

You are their hero. And rightly so! Keeping a clean house is one way that you take good care of yourself and all of your family.

House Cleaning with your Kids - make it fun

My mom is in her eighties, and she still tells this story of helping my grandma clean. One day they were in the kitchen, and grandma had picked up the trash to take it outside. It was in a paper bag and the bottom of the bag had gotten wet. As she was carrying it, all of the trash in the bag fell into the sink of dishwater. She laughed and said, “Well look at that! I’m so clean, I even wash my garbage!”

You can make cleaning fun, a learning experience, and play all at the same time. Think about it… Isn’t it pretty amazing all the things that just soap and water clean every day? And what a difference a little “good old-fashioned elbow grease” does? Explore the wonder with your child.

Can you imagine how much easier house cleaning would be if everyone learned to clean up their own messes right after they happen? Or how much stress would be relieved if putting away toys after playing with them was just a “normal thing to do”? Even 9- to 12-month-old babies playing in their cribs can learn to put toys in a basket. No matter what the age, celebrate all efforts.

House Cleaning – Stay Safe!

House Cleaning with your Kids - scrubbing floor

Even when playing, sometimes there are rules…

  1. Choose cleaning solutions that are non-toxic and not harmful!

  2. Depending on age of children, constant supervision is a must.

  3. For younger children, you may want to just use water, or give them a dry sponge or microfiber cloth.

For an excellent list on keeping your children safe in your home, see this article on Household Safety: Preventing Poisoning.

Keeping them healthy is also essential. WebMD explains the how and why of “child-safe cleaning”.

And The Restful Home offers 10 Recipes for Kid-Safe Cleaning Solutions.

House Cleaning – Teach Your Kids the Value of a Clean Space

As you’re cleaning, enlist their help! Cleaning side-by-side so they can follow your example is the best way for your children to learn. Explain why it’s important to you to keep your house clean – and why house cleaning is valuable to everyone in your home.

House Cleaning with your Kids sets a great example

Show them how much easier things are to find if you put them in the same place every time that you’re finished with them.

House cleaning checklists and charts can help you stay organized, which is another skill you’re teaching your children. For a weekly checklist, see our blog "Keepin' My House Clean - It's a Breeze".

Our daily house cleaning checklist can help you establish a regular routine. See it in Captain Clean's post: "House Cleaning Pro Tip: A Little Cleaning Here and There Adds UP to A Lot of Happy!"

When cleaning house with your kids, you’re also teaching them self-esteem and lifelong skills that will benefit their mental and physical health for their entire life!

House Cleaning Services – For Parents Who Want Help

Even if you have a daily cleaning routine, and are getting help from household members, sometimes professional house cleaning services can provide a much-needed helping hand.

Or maybe you want to treat new parents or a loved one or yourself to a break from house cleaning.

If so, please reach out to us! All cleaning services at Caravel Cleaning Company are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We’re happy to give you a free estimate for whatever type of cleaning you’d like to hand off.

House Cleaning Services - get a free estimate from Caravel Cleaning Company

We offer deep cleaning services, usually scheduled as spring or fall cleans, as well as recurring cleaning services to fit your schedule - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly... We even provide linen and laundry services.

We can't wait to Help You Keep Your Home Shipshape!

You’ll receive exceptional service and professional results from highly trained, trustworthy, and personable cleaning technicians.

Caravel Cleaning Company provides Professional House Cleaning Services in: Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Port Hueneme, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Ojai, Santa Paula, and Somis


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