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Turn Over Service & Training

Short  Term Rental
             &  Turn Ove
r Service
                                                            in Oxnard  CA

Our Turn Over Service goes beyond a Regular Maintenance Clean.  Our parent company, Raini & Associates, Inc is a Styling, Staging, and Design company, so we understand the importance of your guest’s first impression, as well as their comfort throughout the stay.
We ensure your unit is re-staged after each guest.  Our Cleaning Crew is trained to return it to the same condition it appears in your online photos.  The pillows are in place, the beds are made to perfection, the kitchen is stocked, no item is left to chance. 

In addition, we offer an all-inclusive service, that allows you to relax and know your guests are taken care of to their highest expectation. 
​Gone are the pesky notices of additional charges due to linens needing to be replaced, missing utensils, or re-stocking paper products. 

​We can take care of everything

Read our article "What is STR Cleaning?" for more details on the differences between Short Term Rental Turnover Services and all-inclusive turnover services.

If you prefer to keep your current cleaning crew, we can also offer Turnover Specialist Training through Raini & Associates, Inc.

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