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Recurring Cleaning Services
in Oxnard CA

If your home is like most, there is a fair chance the sparkle will begin to wane shortly after the initial Admiral or Captain’s Deep Clean.  Most of us don’t have enough time, or energy, to maintain the high level of cleanliness we would like. 

If this sounds familiar, a Regular House Cleaning (Maintenance) Schedule is probably right for you.  This is a great way to keep your house clean once that Admiral Deep Cleaning Service is completed. This is the cleaning we relish – we love being able to make your life easier and give you that wonderful satisfaction of a sparkling clean and fresh smelling home when you return from a hard day of work – time after time.

Once you have your schedule set, your home will be placed in a regular rotation. For example, we clean every other Thursday if you have a bi-weekly service agreement.


o    Clean counter and sinks

o    Outside of appliances cleaned

o    Stove top

o    Top of fridge wiped

o    Clean inside microwave

o    Cabinet doors cleaned

o    Sweep/vacuum and clean floor

o    Empty trash and replace liners



o    Showers and tubs

o    Sinks, counters, and toilets

o    Clean mirrors

o    Sweep/vacuum and clean floor



o    Dust Furniture

o    Dust light fixtures/fan*

o    Make bed (change sheets on 1 bed)

o    Sweep/vacuum and clean floor


All Spaces

o    Tile floors vacuumed and mopped

o    Furniture dusted and polished

o    Remove cobwebs*

o    Clean sliding glass door

o    Blinds and windowsills dusted*

o    Pictures and wall decor dusted*

o    Light fixtures dusted*

o    Upholstered furniture vacuumed (main living space)

o    Sweep/vacuum and clean floor

o    Ceiling fans dusted*

o    Dispose of trash and recycle in appropriate containers


*On Maintenance Cleans, we dust as high as safely reachable from the floor, using an extender rod.

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