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Residential  Cleaning Company
in Oxnard  CA

But you're stuck cleaning instead?

Do you want to be out enjoying the  beautiful Oxnard Shores....

Caravel is a small Portuguese sailing vessel -

Known for its speed, agility, and ability to sail windward. 

Caravel Cleaning Co. is here to rescue you!  We love to clean… And we love to provide our clients free time to do what makes them happy!  Our goal is to provide exceptional service, professional results, from highly trained, trustworthy, and personable cleaning technicians. 

Core Values










show respect, care, and kindness to our clients and community.  We believe our efforts can make our world a better place.

we honor each other, and our clients, by being accountable for our actions and re-actions.

we lead with honesty, respect, and positivity.

we believe there is always something new to learn - and we strive to continually improve ourselves and our community.

How we got here...

Caravel Cleaning Company is a Raini & Associates, Inc company.  As a Realtor®, Stager, and Designer, founder Raini Steffen originally planned to build a company specializing in servicing Short Term Rental and AirBNB properties.  (check out our All-Inclusive Service)

However, it did not take long to realize that homeowners were also seeking reliable and professional residential cleaning services in our service area. Now, our highly qualified Cleaning Crew is available to all homeowners and renters, in addition to Vacation Rental (AirBNB) hosts and managers.

After earning her HCT (Home Cleaning Technician) Certification, Raini set out to build an exceptional team of people who are passionate about providing a much needed service in our community.

​Our hiring process is rigorous.  We thoroughly vet our Cleaning Crew for your peace of mind and satisfaction.  Pre-employment background checks and drug testing is performed, initial and ongoing training is required, and professional equipment is provided to assure each individual meets our high expectations and has the resources required to meet yours.


Raini Steffen

Founder and President of

Caravel Cleaning Company


My goal is to provide the best service we can to our community – while also offering an environment in which our team members can thrive.                          -Raini

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