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80% of Americans Save 1 Month Each Year

it’s predicted that by 2024 “80% of US households will employ commercial cleaners.”

What if you could get a whole month every year to do something more enjoyable than cleaning your house? Quality time with loved ones, volunteering for a local charity, hiking new trails, pursuing hobbies… What would you do with the extra time?

Did you know it’s predicted that by 2024 “80% of US households will employ commercial cleaners.” An increasing number of adults in every age group are choosing professional cleaning services. For most, the primary reason is to “gain more time.” The report didn’t indicate the frequency or types of house cleaning services, but Caravel Cleaning Company offers several options.

Caravel Cleaning Company offers professional cleaning and laundry services

Deep cleaning services are usually scheduled as spring or fall cleans, or before hosting parties. Recurring cleaning services are designed to fit your schedule – typically weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Move-in/Move-Out cleaning, as well as vacation rental turn-over services, are also available. We even provide linen and laundry services!

Instead of cleaning house, “I have one of my weekend days back…”

Gaining 1 day a week would equal 52 days a year… almost two months!

“I was a little hesitant about using a cleaning service, but working with Caravel was the best! My house was spotless and I have one of my weekend days back that I usually spend scrubbing the bathrooms, floors, kitchen etc.. They were very professional and did an excellent job.”
Sara B, Valencia, CA on Yelp 10/8/21

Quality Time vs House Cleaning

Granted, getting “one of my weekend days back” isn’t a full day. However, the average time spent on house cleaning is 2.3 hours per day, which is 16.1 hours per week, or 34.88 days per year. By utilizing the talents of a professional cleaning crew and/or laundry service, you can gain several hours per week to enjoy other activities.

As you know, there’s research on just about everything. According to the infographic “House Cleaning by the Numbers”, one month per year is saved by hiring a professional cleaning service. They also note that “47% of cohabiting couples argue about cleaning.” You can accomplish multiple objectives by simply delegating chores that you’d rather not do anyway.

Professional House Cleaning Services – Get More Free Time – Affordably!

You’re tired of cleaning house – and/or arguing about cleaning. But you love having a clean house and more quality time. And you know how important a clean house is for better health, stress-relief, relaxation, and productivity. So, it’s time for you to meet the cleaning crew at Caravel Cleaning Company. Free estimates, competitive rates, 100% satisfaction guarantee… trade your house cleaning time for more time doing what you want to do!

Professional Cleaning Services - get a free estimate from Caravel Cleaning Company

We can't wait to Help You Keep Your Home Shipshape!

You’ll receive exceptional service and professional results from highly trained, trustworthy, and personable cleaning technicians.

Caravel Cleaning Company provides Professional House Cleaning Services in: Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Port Hueneme, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Ojai, Santa Paula, and Somis.


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