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100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Who Offers THAT These Days?

satisfaction guarantee for professional house cleaning services
Caravel Cleaning Company offers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for House Cleaning Services in Ventura County, CA

Are you Searching for a Reputable Ventura Cleaning Company that Provides Reliable House Cleaning Services?

You have to meet the cleaning crew at Caravel Cleaning Company! Based in Oxnard, CA and serving households throughout Ventura County, the Caravel Cleaning Crew is dedicated to making certain that you are DELIGHTED with their cleaning services!

An IICRC Certified Company, and member of ARCSI, Caravel is recognized for their high standards and systematic cleaning system. They also implement a rigorous hiring process (including background checks) and training program to ensure the technicians that are assigned to your home, truly care about you and the service they provide.

“Best cleaning crew in Oxnard/Port Hueneme hands down.” - Miguel U.

Whatever Your Reason is for searching “House Cleaning Oxnard CA”, “House Cleaning Ventura” or “House Cleaning Camarillo”, you need to tap – click – call – choose Caravel Cleaning Company!

Don't have time to clean house?  Call Caravel Cleaning Company
"Time" is #1 and #2 of the Top 8 Reasons for Professional House Cleaning in Ventura CA

We Hear You! Top 8 Reasons for Professional House Cleaning in Ventura CA

  1. Time – I’m too busy to have to worry about cleaning all the time

  2. Time – I’d rather be doing other things than cleaning

  3. Help – I just need a little extra help around the house

  4. Health – both physical and mental

  5. It’s convenient and affordable – I don’t have to clean or shop for cleaning supplies

  6. Getting my house ready for company, entertaining

  7. Gift for family, friend, or self

  8. I’m just sick and tired of cleaning

busy mom wants help with house cleaning
We can help! Call Caravel Cleaning Company today!

Whether you need a deep clean or recurring house cleaning services, Caravel arranges a schedule that works for you.

Some people prefer to be present while house cleaners are in their homes, while others would rather leave a key using our lock-box system. Either way works – you’ll receive environmentally friendly cleaning that’s thorough and reliable.

Cleaning Services Ventura – Trusted, Convenient, and Friendly!

“My youngest son said something to me the other day after he had hired a cleaning service that rang true. It's life changing. And it is. If you are thinking about it - considering it - debating it..... just do it!” - Melissa K

For the most dependable Ventura House Cleaning Company, just call

Areas Served: Professional House Cleaning in Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Port Hueneme, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Ojai, Santa Paula, Somis, and Moorpark


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