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House Cleaning can Improve My Love Life?

Yes, house cleaning can improve your love life! Every relationship is unique, but agreeing on how clean you want your house to be, how clean your house is, and who does the cleaning can help create harmony and respect for each other.

In any household, there may be many reasons for who does the majority of the house cleaning. Are you on the same page? Do you and your partner agree on the “division of cleaning duties”? Some may truly enjoy cleaning the house, and see it as one way to show they care. Another may be very conscientious about providing a clean and safe environment as an expression of their love. Maybe who does what is based on ability, or time, or preferences.

couple house cleaning
Have fun together - cleaning house!

Do you ever do household chores together? You’ve heard “extra hands lighten the load” … Enjoying mutual accomplishments can lead to some sexy benefits.

7 Ways Cleaning House can Improve Your Love Life

  • Cleaning your house can make you feel more confident and put you in a better mood. (See more mental and physical health benefits of house cleaning in “Work out While You Clean”)

  • Communicate clearly and honestly with your spouse or significant other about your values and standards regarding cleanliness and keeping a tidy home. Discuss and decide who does which house cleaning tasks, or if there’s a way to do them together.

  • Surprise your loved one by doing a household chore that they normally do.

  • Make sure that your sweetie doesn’t feel taken-for-granted if they do most of the house cleaning.

  • Show gratitude for the other’s thoughtful contributions. Whether you say “thank-you” or “Wow it smells great in here”, noticing the other’s care and dedication will be appreciated.

  • When cleaning house, don’t forget the final touches … you can create the mood you want.

  • Regardless of who does the majority of the cleaning, treat yourself or your loved one to a break from house cleaning, at least once in a while, and spend that quality time enjoying each other!

See info below about Caravel Cleaning Company’s Sweetheart Special and How to Enter for a Chance to Win a Sparkly-Sweet Valentine’s Gift that includes Professional House Cleaning Services.

Enter to win house cleaning sweetheart special
Enter to win Sweetheart Special with house cleaning

How would you feel if you overheard your partner telling a friend…

  • “There’s nothing sexier than a man in an apron!”

  • “I was so surprised! I came home, and the kitchen and the bathroom were clean. It just made me fall in love all over again.”

  • “Believe it or not, my spouse loves to clean house. I can always count on him/her.”

  • “Last night was so hot… I was watching TV, but got busy watching my honey clean house… I guess part of it was the outfit, but all the stretching and bending over got my attention, and one thing led to another…”

  • “You can’t imagine how wonderful it is to share everything… My partner even cleans house with me.”

  • “We have a great understanding. My spouse doesn’t interfere with my housekeeping, and I don’t mess with anything in his/her garage.”

  • “I just got the best present ever…”

Hit a grand slam with Caravel Cleaning Company’s Sweetheart Special!

Sweetheart Special from Caravel Cleaning Company includes house cleaning

Give the Gift of TIME and RELAXATION and a CLEAN HOUSE

Celebrate your Special Someone with Caravel Cleaning Company’s Sweetheart Special. Not in a Relationship? Treat yourself!

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Show your special someone how much you love 'em with our LOVE-ly Valentine Package.

We want to give you a little "Sparkle" for Valentine’s Day... and give you More Time to Celebrate Your Love!

Valued at over $350, the Sweetheart Special includes:

  • 3-Hour House Cleaning Service

  • 1-Hour Therapeutic Massage

  • Floral Bouquet

  • Candy

The Cleaning Crew at Caravel will make your home shine and arrange the extras listed above for a gift that will delight your Sweetheart. Order Now for only $279**

* For folks in Ventura, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, and Camarillo. Winner announced on 2/10/2023

** Special offer valid until 2/10/2023; available only for homes located in Ventura County CA

At Caravel, we love giving you and your loved one more time to spend doing what you enjoy. We offer gift certificates, recurring cleaning services, and custom “Housekeeping for a Year” packages. We even provide linen and laundry services.

get an estimate for professional cleaning services in Ventura County CA

You’ll receive exceptional service and professional results from highly trained, trustworthy, and personable cleaning technicians. And, all cleaning services at Caravel Cleaning Company are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We can't wait to Help You Keep Your Home Shipshape!

Caravel Cleaning Company provides Professional House Cleaning Services in Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Port Hueneme, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Ojai, Santa Paula, and Somis.


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