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Laundry – Do You Love It or Hate It?

laundry day - if you hate doing laundry, call Caravel at 805-804-5454

Laundry is one of those chores that just never goes away. And peoples’ feelings about doing laundry run the full range from love it to hate it. For many, it depends on whether or not they have a washer and dryer at home to do laundry vs. having to take their laundry to a laundromat. Obviously, the time required varies on the circumstances… and the number of people in the household!

Even if a washer and dryer are available at home, some people may have a weekly laundry day. For others, doing one load a day fits in better with their schedules. Even then, feelings and methods are mixed…

clean laundry neatly folded by Caravel Cleaning Company
Caravel Cleaning Company delights in caring for and delivering your laundry - clean, neat, fresh, folded...

Believe it or not, to some people, doing laundry is a delight. They love having fresh-washed clothes and smelling the fresh, clean scent as they carefully hang and fold their clothes and linens. These people generally take pride in making sure all of the spots are removed, and that each piece of laundry is washed at the correct temperature. They’re also typically very conscientious about removing laundry and linens from the dryer as soon as that buzzer goes off to prevent wrinkles.

For others, doing laundry is a chore they despise. It usually tops the “procrastination list”. But, when their closets and drawers get to the “slim pickin’s stage”, they’ll buckle down and do what needs to be done. Even then, they may re-start the dryer three or four times to knock out the wrinkles before they remember, notice, or decide that it’s time to finish up and get the laundry hung or folded.

Does this sound like you? Great news! Caravel Cleaning now offers full-service linen & laundry, including pick-up and delivery!

In the middle ground, some people feel that “laundry is no problem”, while others dream of having a reliable laundry service to take over this chore. Or, you might not mind doing laundry, but setting aside the time to get to the laundromat is a hassle you'd rather eliminate.

“I really don’t mind doing laundry – the washing and drying part anyway… It’s the hanging and folding that I’d rather skip.”

Making Your Life Easier…

Having more time to do other things may be the main reason you’re looking for a linen and laundry service. Maybe delegating this unwanted chore just feels good. Prioritizing what’s important for you to do vs. things that can be done by others may be your motive. Reducing your water bill and the cost of laundry and specialty cleaning supplies are other considerations that may factor into your decision.

No matter what the rationale is, Caravel Cleaning Company’s professional cleaners can make your dirty clothes disappear... and magically reappear fresh, clean, and ready to be put away!

Linen & Laundry Services for Individuals, Families, and Businesses…

Personal laundry services can be for just clothing, or it can encompass everything from clothes to linens, towels, bedding, slip covers, and even pets’ beds!

Linen and laundry services are also available to small businesses and large, commercial enterprises. Does your business supply uniforms and you want to include cleaning them as a service to your employees? Or maybe your restaurant needs a reliable cleaning company to launder napkins, table cloths, dish cloths and towels with a fast turn-around. Perhaps you’ve ventured into the STR / AirBnB realm, and need laundry and/or turnover services after each check-out.

For any of these situations and more, Caravel Cleaning Company makes your life easier with complete laundry and linen services, including pick-up and delivery!

Pricing for most items (like clothing, towels, and sheets) is per pound, based on weekly, bi-weekly, or on-call laundry services. For larger and miscellaneous pieces (like blankets, pillows, or pet beds), pricing is based on a per-item basis.

And, discounts are available for clients who use our recurring/maintenance house cleaning services.

We Make it Easy for YOU!

If you’re looking for convenient, reliable laundry services in Ventura County, we're ready to help you eliminate this chore! We’ll discuss pick-up and delivery times that work best with your schedule.

Just call Caravel Cleaning Company in Oxnard, CA at 805-804-5454.

Caravel Cleaning Company provides convenient linen and laundry services (as well as exceptional house cleaning) in Ventura, Camarillo, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Ojai, Santa Paula, Somis, Newbury Park, and Thousand Oaks.


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