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Look, Ma! No Streaks!

Do you want to cry when you have spent time washing your windows, just to turn around and find a big streak?

There are a few secrets to getting a streak free clean when tackling your windows and mirrors. Read our tips below, or watch our video to find out how to clean window and mirrors like a pro!

Watch how the pros from Caravel Cleaning Company tackle windows and mirrors in our video.

  1. What Product to Use? Believe it or not, the product doesn't matter that much. You can use vinegar and newspaper, or Windex and paper towels - find something you are comfortable with, and is affordable for you.


Budget tip: You can even go to the automotive department and pick up a gallon of windshield washing fluid for next to nothing and refill your spray bottles you already have.


2. Don't Over Clean! Use the least amount of product you can, or spot clean. If you have fingerprints next to the handle on your sliding glass door, but the rest of it is in good shape, just mist a little bit of cleaner next to the handle (or dampen your cleaning cloth). Avoid spraying an entire window or mirror if only a tiny bit of it needs to be cleaned.

3. Agitate if Needed. Use a low abrasive scrubby for stuck on gunk. Sticky fingerprints, or nose prints from your four legged friends often need a little nudge to get them to go away. We use a white scrubbie (avoid the green or brown, as they may scratch your glass or mirror). Do this right after you spray, don't wait to wipe it off and find that you need to start over.

4. The REAL Secret! Have TWO cloths on hand. You need one to wipe initially. Think of this as your 'cleaning' or 'wet' cloth. THEN follow with a dry (completely dry) cloth. If you are using a high quality microfiber, one dry cloth should get you through most anything you are cleaning.


BONUS Tip: For cleaning exterior windows, add one more cloth (any old t-shirt or discarded towel will do the trick for this) and a small wisk broom to your equipment list. This will help you clean around the window sill before you ever think about spraying anything on the window.

Wisk away any cobwebs, dirt and debris, then wipe down the sill and trim (even the glass if it is covered with dust) with your "dirty" cloth - then start with your cleaning steps.


**Remember to keep all cleaning supplies out of reach of kids and pets!!


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