Client Guidelines

​The Ideal Setting

The ideal cleaning situation is when no one is home at the time of cleaning.  We understand that is not always possible (especially in the days of COVID-19), so we request that any space that we are cleaning be vacated (for safety as well as efficiency).


Tipping is appreciated, but not required.  If you do wish to tip your Cleaning Crew Member(s), a suggested rate is 10-15%.  If you wish for us to add it to your credit card processing, please email or call and let us know.

Quality Control

Quality Control is VERY important to us.  We depend on your honest feedback and open communication.  Our Cleaning Crew takes great pride in providing exception service and we all want to be aware if you are not completely satisfied with the results.  Please contact us at 805-804-5454 or


We must be able to access your home on the day/time of the designated appointment.  We must assess a 50% fee when access is denied or not available.  There are no exceptions, even for the first incident.

For one-time clients, we ask that a credit card be put on file.  Payment will not be processed until the service is completed.  However, we reserve the right to place a hold on the maximum anticipated fee. 

Payment for recurring services are due at time of service.  Payment may be made via credit card, bank transfer, or check.  NSF items will incur a $35 fee.  Two NSF items will require a credit card on file for service to continue.

Cancellations/Skipped Service
A 50% fee is assessed if a scheduled appointment (recurring or one time) is canceled with less that 24 "business hours" notice* via phone, or 48 "business hours" notice via email.

If you 'skip' a service, we reserve the right to charge the next service level.  (example: if you skip a weekly service, we may charge a bi-weekly price for the next service date, as an additional week has gone by without service)

Preparing for Cleaning Day
Don't CLEAN! Leave that to us!  However, picking up and tidying is very much appreciated.  That allows us to focus on what we do best and provide the highest quality service for you.

  • Take necessary steps to ensure we have access - in whatever way was agreed when you booked your appointment.

  • Secure Pets if you prefer they do not interact with our Cleaning Crew

  • Move expensive, fragile, and precious possessions to a safe place that you are not having cleaned.  (a spare room or inside a curio cabinet)



We typically do not do dishes.  If you anticipate that being a service you require, it can be included for an additional fee.

The Ones You Love

We do our best to work safely at all times, but we recommend that children and pets are kept out of the room or area we are cleaning.  If your pet is anxious or may be stressed by our presence, please secure them during our visit.  Please be aware that we do not clean up after sick pets or pet accidents.

​​​Breakage or Damage
As careful as we are, it is bound to happen.  We hate when it does, and we will always do our best to prevent it.  
Below are our Breakage and Damage Policies:


  • Each incident is reviewed on a case by case basis.

  • Damage must be reported as soon as possible after the cleaning or discovery.  (24 hours preferred)

  • Please keep all broken or damaged items for inspection.

  • To avoid risk, please remove expensive figurines or glassware.  Any fragile or unstable items cannot be moved, please let us know so we can let your Cleaning Crew know to NOT clean that area.

  • Sometimes breakage occurs when items are unstable or not secured properly.  Pictures, mirrors, and wall art not hung securely; top heavy items, or unstable or 'wobbly' items can fall easily and we cannot take responsibility for such items.

The maximum amount we will pay for any broken or damaged item is $100.  This value must be verified for anything over $25.00.  We reserve the right to repair an item vs. replacing whenever possible.



Rate Increases
We do reserve the right to increase our rates at anytime.  We will provide a 30 day notice whenever possible.

In These Times of COVIDThe COVID-19 crisis has made us all change the way we do things, and how we see the world around us.  We must be diligent regarding our hygiene habits and be more mindful of how we interact with others.In addition to following CDC and local guidelines, we understand that everyone has their own comfort level regarding the recommended safety measures.  If you are not in the home, but still wish the Cleaning Crew to maintain face coverings, please let us know.Please keep us informed of any elevated temperature or flu-like symptoms of anyone in the household.  (*cancellation fees are NOT assessed for these conditions, however fees may be adjusted on the next service date).

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have questions or need clarification about any of our policies.  
If you are ever unsatisfied with a service you receive, please let us know so we can correct it .

Blinds and Window Coverings
We are as careful as possible, however, as with other items, blinds, interior shutters, and drapery may be damaged during cleaning.  

These items do not fall under our breakage policy as stated above.  We are not responsible for hardware or components (rods, strings, slats, etc) that may fall or break during routine cleaning.